At Les Soeurs Anglaises, we believe we offer the ultimate in creative spaces.  Situated in an historically rich and attractive part of S W France, our holiday workshops give you much more than the chance to immerse yourself in as much challenging creativity as you want. Our workshops are expertly led, include exceptional food and wine, a superb range of accommodation and a beautiful and relaxed environment in which to unwind and enjoy the stimulating company of those with similar interests.

Les Soeurs Anglaises makes every event a unique opportunity to (re)discover your innate creativity, free from the stresses and strains of everyday life.  Why not join us and exercise your skills at one of our challenging but expertly taught and supportive workshops?  Alternatively, you could use the luxurious surroundings as a backdrop for a special event, or simply enjoy our venue as a base for exploring the amazing countryside and fascinating history of the Aquitaine region.

From the mental gymnastics of the studio to the more corporeal pleasures of our delicious, organically grown food and professionally chosen wines, all has been designed specifically to refresh on every level so that you will leave feeling refocused and more creative.

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