Testimonials from Guests

“I would like to say a huge thank you for this past weekend! I had such a great time and I just loved spending time in your wonderful house and garden. And a big thank you, too, for the excellent food and wine!”

Sam Nixon, Malmo, Sweden

“You have such a beautiful property and are the most generous, warm and delightful hosts, I truly felt welcomed into your own home and I have not sampled such delicious food, in any other place that I have stayed.”

Mimi Friedman, London, UK

“Your warm and wondrously charming hospitality gave us the most delightful break. Indeed it is paradise. The work space has a terrific atmosphere and the group of participants worked perfectly together. The food was fabulous – what delicious memories! We had the most perfect time. Many thank yous.”

Rosie Harvey, Marlow, UK

“I know I felt very privileged to have the pleasure of your wonderful home and garden whilst learning a new skill. I realise the seamless elegant delivery of meals and ambience is extremely hard work. How beautifully you manage it.”

Jacqui Mair, Southsea, UK

“Just to say thank you both again for such a memorable few days – everything was perfect – the workshop, the food, the wine, the company, the venue etc. Your home is beautiful and you were exceptional hosts – thank you again for all your trouble.”

Colleen and Robert Leece, Sydney, Australia

“A big ‘thank you’ for your hospitality during the recent workshop. We had a truly fabulous time. I really enjoyed the workshop and atmosphere… thanks again for everything and please keep me informed of any other workshops/events in the future. “

Ann Monro, Crewe, UK

“Thank you for the most idyllic and indulgent six days I have ever had! Julie Arkell is indeed an inspirational teacher who is willing to share her creative processes but it was the beautiful surroundings of the maison de maitre which made the experience so perfect. Maybe this is the way for us all to maintain our sanity in this increasingly frantic world – I have made friends for life and can’t wait to attend another workshop at Les Soeurs Anglaises.”

Danielle Hanson, UK

“I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my stay. Your maison de maître is wonderful and a great venue for a relaxing break for participants and their guests. I do hope that you have been encouraged by what a great success it was. Your meals were fabulous – you will have to hand out recipes as a party bag leaving gift next time. Everyone was raving about the food!  Anyway, thank you again. I had a really lovely time and you are truly wonderful hosts. Please keep me up-dated of any courses in the future, I’d love to visit again!”

Pippa Phillips, South London, UK

“The workshop far exceeded any expectations that I might have had. I cannot imagine being disappointed in such a wonderful place with such incredible people. Our accommodations were fantastic! I felt like a princesse in a magical land. The bed was comfortable, and the linen sheets a treat. The views were extraordinary and the conservatory may be my favorite place on Earth! It was joyous to be treated so specially, with such thought and care put into every, single thing. I was very grateful for each day and what it brought.”

Jone Hallmark, Santa Fe, USA

“I don’t know how to start thanking you for the last week.

I’m not sure what I expected, and frankly never really believe that places are as special as they appear on web sites. I deal with people every day who are so keen to use a web site to cast a glossy veneer over hidden issues.

But in your case, every possible expectation was surpassed. Your home is just lovely, your attention to detail in every nuanceis so enchanting, your attention to everyone’s needs so caring and, your boundless energy that finds you all making breakfast at one end of the day, dealing with hail and storms as if they are a mere trifle at the other, and finding room to dance with those wonderful smiles somewhere in between so incredibly heartwarming. I had no idea how much all of you would add to the experience of the workshop and I am justso very grateful and I can’t begin to express just how grateful I am – you turned a good week into an exceptional and memorable experience.”

Debbie T, London, UK