Susan Hungerford

Gynecologist, Chicago, USA


Barbara Colvin

Interior Designer, Napa Valley, California USA

"Thank you all for the fabulous week at your idyllic location!  Everything was perfect - the accommodation, the food, the weather, but especially the company - you all, and the magic group that came together.  A truly memorable experience and Les Soeurs Anglaises were the catalysts.  I look forward very much to returning to enjoy again your hospitality......"


“The fact that I have come to 4 workshops in 6 years is probably the strongest testimonial to how much I enjoy them, no matter what the subject. I am a “creative generalist,” and I love immersing myself in Les Soeurs Anglaises ’workshops. The instructors are not only superb craftspeople but also terrific teachers. The camaraderie and collaboration with the other students—people I would never otherwise meet—is amazing. I can’t pinpoint exactly what makes Les Soeurs Anglaises so magical, but if I had to sum it up in one word, I’d say it’s transformative. You can participate without any particular background or skillset, and the things you create almost seem like a bonus.”  

Nikki Smythe

Actor, Bristol UK


Deborah Taffler

Insight & Strategy, London NW3

Thank you all at Les Soeurs for a truly magical experience .  Toptastic  is the word that springs to mind .  Such a relaxing and beautiful place to have experienced and the food was gorgeous too !  Good luck and continued success with your wonderful workshops .  I hope to return .


“In the insanity of my oh-too-fast-paced consulting world, the Les Soeurs Anglaises experience has become my own personal retreat - somewhere I can simply escape to, in the company of like minded folk, where I’m received by warm hosts who treat me to wonderful food and wine, while feeling fulfilled and rewarded by the ‘making’ process.  Les Soeurs Anglaises has proven a fantastic ‘treat’ for me a number of times and on so many levels. Firstly and perhaps most importantly, the quality and variety of the courses they provide is extraordinary; taught by people who are so very skilled, with the patience and generosity to pass on those skills to ‘beginners' yet managing to fulfill the needs of some of us who are already a little more practiced in their craft. Following a close second, the venue itself: Les Soeurs marries the most glorious surroundings in the form of gardens, pools and a lovely traditional 'maison de maitre’, with a fantastic contemporary studio space that opens on to gentle vistas. These are complemented by very comfortable bedrooms, and scrumptious catering by the lovely, welcoming ’Soeurs’ that sees me gaining weight every time I return! Lastly, but by no means unimportantly, teaching time is interspersed with various trips and dinner out, so that one not only experiences a real flavour of the locale, but also the opportunity to shop for some wonderful local goodies.”

Vanessa Burroughs 

Artist and Printmaker, Norfolk UK 






Lynda Usher Davis

Former knitwear designer, France



"Les Soeurs Anglaises is a wonderful environment in which to relax and unwind; you feel cosseted and cared for by Katie, Susie and Carol …..and the food is sublime! Our workshop leader was stylish, friendly, open and approachable.  She was happy to share her in-depth knowledge of craft and making and managed to create an atmosphere of concentration while making both the accomplished and amateur feel at ease”. 


“I have taken 3 workshops at Les Soeurs Anglaises in as many years and have loved each and every one!  But there is so much more than the amazing workshops to enjoy.  Each time I return home I realize part of my heart remains at Les Soeurs Anglaises.  Sitting looking out through the huge open doors of the L’Espace studio, smelling the fresh air and sometimes watching the rain roll in, waking up and looking over the sunflower fields from my bed, working late into the evening with other creative participants from all over the world on our personalized projects, the great food and cut flowers spread throughout the property – I love them all to distraction and my friends and family always remark how they have never seen me so happy.”

“Thank you for yet another wonderful week at LSA. There is something very special about the bond that is created by a group of women of different ages, nationalities and professions (and temperaments!) sitting together stitching, contemplating, dreaming or chatting. It's very cathartic and we all leave happier, relaxed and better informed.  Thank you Les Soeurs for taking such great care of us, for attending to all the fine details, providing  delicious meals and allowing us the freedom to wander at will around your amazing gardens.