The year ahead......

Dear Friends, why not let 2019 be the year you take some risks because if you do, then you will be trying new things, creating, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.  Most importantly you'll be growing.

And if you want somewhere beautiful, welcoming and supportive to 'grow', then you’ll be interested to know that the National Geographic has named the Dordogne as one of the worlds’ top five, most exciting destinations to visit in 2019, because of its picturesque, historic attractions and rich culture.  Naturally, we endorse National Geographic’s recommendation.  We’re not so conceited as to believe we are included in that description but we’ve never regretted the decision to set up “shop” here and truly (deeply, madly) believe that a workshop at Les Soeurs Anglaises is a fine way to appreciate the charms of the Dordogne and could be the icing on the cake of your travel plans in Europe. 

Nevertheless, if you can’t make it down to Les Soeurs Anglaises, our wish for you - and for ourselves - is to make 2019 the year to take more “chances”.  To take glorious, amazing risks without freezing, making excuses, or worrying that they’ll fail or won’t be perfect - be they art, love, work, or family – life in fact.  Whatever it is you've held off doing, may 2019 be the year (to quote a well-known shoe company) you Just Do it

29th March - 1st April:  Piano Concert Weekend / CYRILL IBRIHIM

26th - 29th April:  Fine Wine & Gourmet Weekend / LA TABLÉE GOURMET

16th - 20th May:  Laughter Lab / INTSTANTWIT

29th May - 4th June:  A Quiet Adventure / JULIE ARKELL & CELIA PYM  

14th– 17thJune:  Cooking Workshop / COME COOK IN FRANCE

27th June - 2nd July:  Knitting Immercerie III / ÅSA TRICOSA

19th - 22nd July:  Blues & Boogie Weekend / DEANNA BOGART, LUCA SESTAK, PADDY MILLNER & LLUIS COLOMA 

16th - 19th September:  Snippets & Stitches / LORI SEIBERT


With our very best wishes

Katie, Susu and Carol

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