Les Soeurs Anglaises


.... time to relax......

With only a few days to go before the frenetic festive celebrations (maybe they've already started where you are!) we thought you might like a few ideas to help you chill out.

As the head chefs and bottle washers for the season, we were looking for a simple recipe to keep everyone happy for at least one meal without using every pan in the house, and we were reminded by a friend of the time Albert Roux was asked his favourite ‘simple’ recipe.  He replied that for him it was simply buttering some hot toast and opening a can of Heinz baked beans. Nothing simpler you'd think.... visit our Recipe Page and think again.......  

With only two days to go, you might think you're running out of time (and ideas) to come up with something original for that little girl who already has everything?  Well, we ask, how long can it take to make one of Åsa Tricosa's fab mini-jumpers? Really? We're already totally smitten with Âsa's designs and colour matches - not to mention her clever knitting techniques which she'll be extrapolating when she leads another of her popular workshop here in September - and this is such a good way to use up some of that excess yarn we all accumulate, whilst sitting in front of the TV watching re-runs ........

Ever since the first time Julie Arkell came to lead a workshop here, about 10 years ago (she'll be returning in June 2017 with The Museum of the Kind and Curious), we have been committed apron lovers... and makers.  We sell them in our little shop and online from time to time, but when we saw this one - for sale at EggTrading for a staggering £745!!! - we thought about how simple it is to make and how charming it would be to wear on Christmas Day.  We don't have a pattern to give you, but Egg supply a little drawing on their website and the design is about as basic as it gets.  Of course, if your plate is already too full, but your wardrobe is not, and you have £745 to spare, you could always pop into their wonderful little mews outlet in Kinnerton Street, London.

We suggest you sit back and enjoy a taster of Luca Sestak's fabulous piano music.  Luca will be appearing for a second time alongside Silvan Zingg and Deanna Bogart at our Blues and Boogie Weekend next July in aid of Medécins sans Fronitères. We'll be posting much more information about the event in the weeks to come, but if you don't want to miss out you can find full Weekend and individual concert tickets for sale already on the new website.

Merry Christmas

from Katie, Susie and Carol and wishing you all a peaceful New Year ahead.

katie armitage